Best company for lead generation in India

Best company for lead generation

Best company for lead generation in India

What is a lead?

A lead is a contact detail of any person who is interest in a company’s product or service. Then this person can be a lead for that company. Lead is very essential for any company to grow their business. Without leads, a company can’t exist. Lead is the way of progress. More leads means more chances to grow the business. Low leads means business is not going good enough. So it is very essential for any company point of view. Our company is the best company for lead generation in India

Example of a lead :- 

Suppose you are a director of any degree college and You are looking some students for this. Then you have to prepare a servay in your locality. In servay you fill out the information about all family near from your college. Through servey you find out the information about students who just passed in intermediate. Then these information of students become a lead for your college. Because they have a great chance to join your degree college after intermediate exam. Now you have to contact each student and tell them about your college to join. If they are joining your college then your leads converted otherwise it will be wastage for you. 

From above example, you can understand that :- 

All leads are different, some can be converted or some not.

Leads conversion depends on your capability to attract users.

No. Of leads depends on your work.

Our company is the best company for lead generation in India.

Types of leads :- 

There are different four types of leads based on how they are qualified.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) or 

Marketing  leads are list of contact details, who’ve engaged with your marketing methods in which they aren’t ready to receive a sales call. An example of an Marketing qualified leads is a contact detail who fills out through a landing page form of your website for an offer.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) or

Sales leads are that contacts details who’ve taken actions that show their interest in becoming a consumer. An example of an Sales qualified lead  is a contact details who fills out a form to ask information about your product or service.

Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

Product leads are contacts details who’ve used your product item and take some interest in becoming a paying customer. An example of a Product qualified lead is a user who uses your free version of product but interested in paid version of product.

Service Qualified Lead

Service leads are contact details who’ve indicated in your company services. An example of an service qualified lead is a contact detail who is asking about your services. 

Our company is the best company for lead generation in India

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting target audience who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. Lead generation deals with the creation of good quality leads that can convert easily for you. 

Some examples of lead generation are website login forms, job applications, offline data, blog posts comments, user’s coupons, data through live events, contact number, address and email lists of interested people who are looking for your product or services, etc. Our company is the best company for lead generation in India

These lead generation can be completed with lead generation strategies. you have to use attractive offers or tricks to find out these potential customers.

Importance of lead generation?

When a user takes some interest in your business, the transition from user to your customers depends on lead generation process. 

Lead generation falls within the second stage when a user is going to convert into a customer. 

So some people says that conversion is important. But here we are saying that lead generation is more important than conversion because if your leads are not good then all leads get wastage. The leads should be good for conversion. So lead generation process is very much important for any company. Our company is the best company for lead generation in India.

Through lead generation process if you are getting right leads then your company will get higher to higher position in compitition Market. To grow your business lead generation is essential.

     Lead  Generation Process

Now we are going to discuss the steps of the lead generation process.

1. Identify audience :- in first step you have to identify your targeted audience. You know about your business very well so you also know about which kind of audience will gets more interest in your product or service. So first you have to identify your targeted audience.

2. identify the channel of marketing :- in second step, you have to identify the channel or medium of marketing through which you can target your audience of marketing can be of anything such as your website, blog, or social media page, offline forms, direct profile, or any random data.

3. Attractive trick – in third Step, you have to identify any attractive trick or method so that your targeted audience can get engaged easily with your marketing strategy. 

4. Call to action :- After this call to action means if any user get interested then they perform some action in response. For example any visitor of your website clicks on your call-to-action (CTA) — an image, button, or login form to fill the information. 

5. output as a list :- once the user on the landing page, fills out a form in exchange for the offer. You have a new lead. Now you will whole leads list who was engaged with your offer.

Our company is the best company for lead generation in India.

Different methods  of lead Generation 

Here, we are going to discuss different methods of promoting your content and generation of leads. 

Offline methods of lead generation :- 

1. Servay 

2. Printed materials ( banners, free magzines, letterhead, etc)

3. Business cards

4. B2b business

5. Direct call 

6. Newspaper ads 

7. Bill board 

8. Referral program

9. Organise events

10. Free demo products

11. Discount on products

Online methods of lead generation

1. Website landing page or login page( SEO )

2. Google ads ( SEM )

3. Bulk sms

4. Email marketing

5. Classified ads 

6. Blog commenting

7. Video promotion

8. Discount coupons

9. Social media ( SMO )

10. Social media ads ( SMM )


Offline methods  :- 

1. Servay :- servay is a simple method to generate leads. Through this you can collect the data as per your requirement. After this, the data works as a lead for you.

2. Printed materials ( banners, free magzines, letterhead, etc) :- through printing activity, you can provide information about your business. And if anyone gets interested then they will call you directly. It will take some time in generating leads.

3. Business cards :- business cards is like a printed material but it’s very effective for business. It is a simple identity card of you.

4. B2b business :- business to business method is very effective in generation of new leads. This is very effective in corporate sector.

5. Direct call :- through data of phones numbers, you can call direct and tell them about your business. It’s called Direct call method of lead generation.

6. Newspaper ads :- it’s also very effective method of lead generation. You can inform people about your services in newspapers ads. 

7. Bill board :- Billboard is a road side display ads. It is very effective if it’s located in right location or traffic area.

8. Referral program :- it’s an another method of lead generation. It’s very effective. One lead person can refer your services to another person. Second person becomes a lead for you. Mostly MLM company based on this method.

9. Organise events :- you can organise different events, seminar to tell about your product and services. 

10. Free demo products :- it’s also very good way to get leads in starting of business. 

11. Discount on products :- through discount you can get easy lead who is very much interested in your product or services. 

Online methods 

1. Website landing page or login page( SEO ) :- this is the best way to generate leads with low efforts. Under this process, you have to work on a website. You have to write content about your product and services. If any person gets interested in your product or services then he can direct call to you or fill out the login form of website. Through this form of landing webpage, you can get a lots of leads. 

2. Google ads ( SEM ) :- through this process, you have to pay some money to search engines like Google to gain traffic on your website. Through this traffic that is comming from your keywords list, can land on your website landing page. And you can get leads through this traffic easily. 

In Google ads, you can create a simple lead form Direct to generate leads through lead generation Google ads. 

3. Bulk sms :- bulk SMS is also very effective method of lead generation through this way you are able to send bulk SMS to the targeted audience. For localise business this technique is best. 

4. Email marketing :- email marketing is also very helpful in gaining business leads. 

5. Classified ads :- this is the free method of generation of leads. You can post a free ad on different ad posting website. You can create leads easily by this lead generation method. 

6. Blog commenting :- blog commenting is another very helpful method of lead generation. You can comment about your business on different commenting website. If anyone will read your comment then you can get leads through this comment.

7. Video promotion :- this method is very essential and good for now a days. Video is the best way to explain about your business. This is the best way to generate leads for your business.

8. Discount coupons :- through providing discount coupon codes you can gets a lot of leads easily by attractive more users. 

9. Social media ( SMO ) :- social media is a great platform to generate leads. In today’s world every single person is using social media. You can reach target audience through this method by very efficient manner. You can get a lots of leads through social media activites.

10. Social media ads ( SMM ) :- by paying some money on different social media platforms, you can generate a lots of leads. Today every businessman is using this lead generation method. It can provide a huge number of targeted audience easily. You reach will be increased very efficiently by this method. Facebook lead generation, twitter lead generation, LinkedIn lead generation…etc, are very popular today’s. 

What is paid leads?

Today, Every person is trying to gain a lots of leads as quick as possible. Due to this he is taking a wrong decision to generate leads. He starts to buy the leads through Google ads, Social media marketing, search engine marketing or from another company as well. He spends a lot of money for this purpose. In starting it’s work. But after some time it’s become very harmful for the organisation. Here we are giving some reasons to explain why paid leads are not good enough for you.

1. It’s very costly :- sometimes the cost of leads becomes much higher than product ROI( return on investment or profit ). So it’s not good for any company growth under this situation.

2. Low quality :- this kind of leads are not working good sometimes. Because it has low quality. 

3. Not working with long term business :- sometimes paid leads is not working with long term of business because it’s limited with respect to time, targeted area, limited users in targeted location, etc.

So, we are suggesting that in starting you can use them to quick output. But if you are thinking about long term of business then please ignore to buy leads. 

Planning and implementation of lead generation process 

These five steps are needed to complete lead generation process.

Step 1: planning  your leads :- under this step you have to plan every thing for lead generation process like targeted audience, targeted location, channel to use, content or data, etc 

Step 2: Align with sales :- under this process, leads should be aligned with sales. It’s totally focused on selling. Determine the best way to fit your sell requirements with leads. 

Step 3: Build your road map :- create your roadmap, how user comes and how it will convert into a lead. And by which way you will get leads. like traffic generation, content creation, login form creations, etc

Step 4: Nurture and score your leads :- next step is to identify your leads score means how it’s working. It depends on response rate of users and your selling talent. 

Step 5: Measure and optimize :- last step is to identify measure and optimize your lead generation process. Mostly : A/B testing, calls-to-action (CTAs), imagery, copy choices, and multivariate testing is used to optimize your lead generation process. 

How to gain real leads 

As we discussed in earlier, a lead is a person who has interest in your company’s product or service. But this lead can be a fake lead sometimes. Here we are going to discuss, how can you gain real leads and avoid these fake leads through lead generation process. 

Now, let’s talk about the ways in which someone can actually show that interest. Since this type of interest will tell you about the leads. If person gets interested through any information than this lead can be a fake lead but if person gets interested through any regular activity than it’s a real lead.

Fake lead :- if you are sharing your product information and after this any person gets interested then this kind of person can be fake or your compititor as well. He want to know about your business strategies. Like social media leads. Where you are sharing your product information and person gets interested in your product without any intention.

Real leads :- if any person is searching a product and your product display. After this person gets interested in your product then it’s kind of leads are real leads. Like Google ads leads. In which person is searching any items through any keyword then your product appears in front of him. And he gets interested then it’s a real customer for you. Another method is to use any coupon for your product or service. Through this coupon, you will get real customer’s.

Through this technique, you can get real leads. 

Ssoftservices is the Best company for lead generation in India since we are providing good quality leads at very low cost for all business.

 Lead generation form

lead generation form should be contain all essential field. So that you can communicate with customer easily. Here are some important field of lead generation form. 

Name: The first field of from should be name of user. It is needed to personalize your communication with each lead.

Email: This serves as a unique identifier. It is also used in further communication. 

Phone number :- this is the third most important field to communicate with the user. 

Address :- sometime it is not required but in local business this field is essential. It is also very helpful to increase your local audience. 

Company: it is not very much required but if you are doing b2b business then it’s essential.(mainly for B2B)

Role: to understand an individual person, it is good. It will help you to understand how to communicate with them. 

Country: if you are going to deliver any product then it’s essential.

State: if you are going to deliver any product then it’s essential. 

District and pincode : if you are going to deliver any product then it’s essential. 

Tips for Lead Generation Campaign

1. Proper analysis of targeted audience

2.  Use the right lead generation tools or channels of marketing

3. Prepare a good plan to attract audience

4. Create amazing offers for audience

5. Use methods to gain real quality leads

6. Track data of leads campaign properly

7. Optimize your leads generation campaign through tracking data

8. Track visitor’s information

9. Keep your messaging consistent and deliver your promise.

10. Get your sales team involved with lead generation team.

11. Improve your ROI ( return on investment) 

Cost of lead generation 

Cost of lead generation is depends on various things. They are given below :- 

1. Targeted audience :- if your audience is not your targeted audience then price of leads can increase. It can waste you time and efforts as well. 

2. Service type :- different products and services have different cost of leads as per the Compitition and trend. If any service is in trend and every user is looking for that then cost of leads decreased but if any service having lots of Compitition then cost of leads gets high. For example cost of media and reporting is low and cost of IT industry, marketing company leads are very High. 

3. Medium of marketing channels :-  cost is also depends on different channels of marketing through which information processed.

4. Methods of lead generation :- lead cost depends on different methods of leads generation. All methods already been discussed above in this topic. 

5. Offer or content quality :- cost of lead generation is also depends on content quality and your given offers. 

6. Targeted Location :- cost of lead generation is also changed with location to location. If you are targetting india then cost will be low and if you are targetting American then costing will be High for the same service. 

7. Optimization :- cost of lead generation is also depends on optimization of lead generation process. 

Ssoftservices is the Best company for lead generation in India since we are providing good quality leads at very low cost for all business.

How to gain quality Leads for business growth

You should know more about how to generate quality leads for your business, we recommend you to use some specific tools that will help you in learning more about your site visitors and what content they are liking most. You need to know about everything related to your site user to obtain quantity leads.

We are saying that lead generation is just a beginning. Keep creating great ideas, offers, landing pages, and forms — and promote them through all medium of digital Marketing. Handle High quality leads through experience employees. Be in close touch with your sales team to check them. Last but not least, never stop testing of each lead generation process. Choose the best technique to identify your leads quality. Focus on that field of marketing where out is high. Here you can find quality leads for your business easily. Time to time improvement is compalsary in lead generation process as well to gain quality leads. 

testing is the only method by which you can gain quality leads for your business. We will explain testing of lead generation in this topic as well. 

Ssoftservices is the Best company for lead generation in India since we are providing good quality leads at very low cost for all business.

Problems in lead generation 

 Lead generation process looks very simple but in actually you will face a lots of problems with it. Below are a few problems of lead generation . Our content can help you to solve these problems :- 

Problem 1 : I need to generate a high volume of leads 

Mostly people start to generate leads with low volume but after some time he gets started with high volume of leads. After this, he will face a problem with continue to generate high volume of leads. If he is getting continue leads then mostly time lead will be not quality leads. Mostly Leads comes with repeating volume. These high volume leads are just wastage. To remove this problem, you have to use different marketing channel of lead generation. Never depend on only one single way of lead generation. Use different methods to generate a high volume of leads. Never try to gain high volume of leads through single marketing channel. 

Problem 2 : My sales team says that I’m not delivering high-quality leads. 

There are several reasons why your sales team is struggling to convert leads into customers. May be your marketing team is not working properly. May be your selling team is not working properly. Or may their is a communication gap between them. To remove this problem, proper analysis, planning, communication between teams and proper testing must needed. Identify those methods where you can get quality leads with the help of testing And work only on these perticular marketing channels where you can get quality leads. 

Problem 3: I’m getting similar leads  

Some time people face this kind of leads problem. Where new leads remains similar with previous one. In this situation, try different methods of marketing. Generate leads through different different ideas. Never repeat the same process of lead generation. 

Problem 4 : I needed to improve  the return on investment (ROI) . 

Many companies are facing this kind of problems, mostly new companies. To remove this problem, you have to remove unnecessary methods of marketing by proper analysis and testing. 

  Problem 5 : my lead generation program isn’t working more. 

Some time your lead generation program will not works more due to any limitation. Then you have to use modern lead generation software that can help you to generate new leads by increasing brand visibility. Second method you have to build B2B business partnership with other companies to generate new leads through partners. 

Components of lead generation 

Lead generation programs don’t finish with generating your leads, there are various other components of lead generation that you have to know. We discussed some components here.. 

A lead generation database:- when leads are coming then there should be a database of lead generation. This database is very essential for analysis of leads. You need an automated system. If you want to check your efforts, then this database will be very helpful. You can track your leads through this to identify your mistakes and testing purpose.

Supporting content :- content is essential for lead generation. The content should be a good quality content. Content is like a fuel in digital Marketing. Without content you can’t run in this compititive world. 

 channels: channels means the method of marketing through which you are going to generate leads for your business.

Lead form : lead form is essential to collect the leads data. 

An analytics engine:  there should be an analysis engine, where you will analysis all the input and output of your lead generation process. It is also used to track the database. After this gives you exact figures for analysis.  Through this you can identify how your strategy is going on. 

A Martech stacks:  The right lead generation program will save your money, provide efficiency, measure and optimize your output, and finally allow you to grow your  company—faster.

Ssoftservices is the Best company for lead generation in India since we are providing good quality leads at very low cost for all business.

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