Best Mobile App Design Company

Best Mobile App Design Company

Are you looking for best mobile app design company then you are at the right place. We can develop an attractive mobile app for your business. We have a team of expert mobile app designers and mobile app developer as well to develop a beautiful app for your company. We can develop your company app for both platforms iOS and Android. Our pricing is very cost effective. We can develop your app at very low cast with advance functionality. 

The success of your mobile app lies in app designing. An attractive design that provides simple user-interface leads to more engaged with app users. So, it is very important to find out best iOS designers and Android designers for your mobile app application. 

Best Mobile App Design Company

Why we are the best mobile App design company

1. We have a team of experienced web designer, aap designers, web developer, app developer and digital Marketing experts for app promotion.

2. We are working on these three  technologies together ( website making, app making and digital marketing for business development ). It will help you in every step of business development. 

3. We are providing very cost effective and very efficient services to our customers. 

4. We are available 24*7 hours for your business app  development.

5. We will provide an extra ordinary advance mobile app for your business purpose.

6. We also provide maintenance services. 

7. We are very creative and always using advance technology. 

Mobile app design service

Our mobile app design company can provide all kind of app designing services to you.  We offer mobile design and app development services for every stage of your mobile application. Our App Design’s mobile application services are totally client-centric. We are here to create a complete and customized app solution for your business.  We are a leading digital marketing agency focused on UI / UX design. We develop web pages of your business website, mobile app  iOS / Android and relative quality  content for each service. 

What is mobile app design?

Web Applications

We are here to provide you a high quality, efficient, and high-performance web application development service.

 Apps applications

We create high-quality Android and iOS mobile applications using Hybrid technology that work on the full range of Android and Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

                            Mobile app Design

So, finally you’ve decided to create a mobile app for your business, but you’re not sure where to start. No worries, we are here for you to describe everything related to mobile app design. In this article, we’ll outline everything, you need to know, how to start in mobile app design.

This guide is aimed at beginners to mobile app design. If you’ve already got some skills in web design then it will very helpful for you.

What is mobile app design?

To make a new mobile app for a company, we required two fields. First is mobile app designer and second is mobile app developer.  Mobile app designers are responsible for making an app look or design, while developers are responsible for its functionality. Mobile app design deals with both – the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Designers are responsible for the styling of an app, including things like the size of every thing, colour scheme, font selection, text design and the types of buttons and widgets the user will use. So, it will give all look and feel in app. 

ssoftservices is the best mobile app design company in India, we can provide all kinds of app designing services to you at very low cost.

Which platform is good for mobile app design ?

Which is better Android or iOS ?

Both platform are good to design an app, Depending on your requiments choose any one, you may understand which platform you want to work with and why. But, if you’re not sure which is better for you, go for the one you’re most familiar with.

If you’re using an Android device, design for Android. If you’re using an Apple device, then select iOS platform. Alternatively, you can decide to design app for both platforms. Since both have their own benefits.

We suggest that if you want to choose only one platform then android is better option for you. Since iOS platform is very costly. In india mostly audience are using android device due to its low cost. Apple phone with iOS platform is very costly. Only few audience is working on that. To target large audience with your mobile app, then android mobile app is better.

If you are targeting, to the high profile customers then iOS is better for you. 

What tools should I use? 

Photoshop, Adobe XD and Sketch are mostly used tools to design an app. 

First step to find out what platform you’re designing for, then second step is to select the right web design tools to start the designing process. When you starts the designing of mobile apps, the good news is that, you can generally use the same tools for both platforms ( iOS and Android ).

Their are many options in designing, but Popular options for app design include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Sketch. These three are the best in the app design industry. 

You can select Photoshop as your best option for mobile app design – especially if you’ve used it for other types of design work. But if all three are same for you to designing mobile apps, you should choose Adobe XD or Sketch. Because, Sketch is considered as the standard tool here, although Adobe XD is also good in some strong competition, having recently added design systems.

One of the greatest reasons for using Adobe XD or Sketch in place of Photoshop is that these two tools are built with designing and prototyping in mind. Both Adobe XD and Sketch can help streamline your design workflows and also are targeted at UI and UX designers, whereas Photoshop is more for image creation and modification.

One important thing is that : If you’re planning on cross-platform development then, Adobe XD is the clear winner, here as Sketch is only available on macOS. So avoid photo shop for this reason as well. 

Operating system guidelines importance in mobile app design

Before you start designing, because you first need to understand, what can can you do with your operating system platform or what can’t do. 

Mobile app design platforms ( operating system ) have some similarities, such as:

Goal-driven design :- similar goals

Keep it simple :- simple design 

Maintain the flow :- user interface should be good

Readability is key :- viewable 

Respect the platform :- compatible with operating system

That last one, ‘respect the platform’ – compitibilty, is more important than any other things. When users download and install an app to their device, they expect it to behave in a way that they likes. They choose their opinion based on functionality and look. If your app is not compatible with operating system then it will hang quickly or may be their any other problems aries. so when an app goes wrong with user expectations then users are likely to delete it.

So, Not only do you need to check the different navigation patterns that iOS and Android have, but you also need to think about app quality, designing buttons, font selection, and placement of UI objects – all of which vary for each operating system platform. 

To remove this problem, first check out the guidelines of android and iOS app designing.. Both Apple and Android operating system platform have a set of design guidelines that you can check before you get started.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Android Design Guidelines

 App flow in mobile app designing : wireframes

Use a dedicated tool to draw aap flow. Before designing an app’s look and feel, it’s important to work on its flow control and its structure. For this purpose, you can use wireframes . Wireframes help you to understand how users will navigate and use an app. They’re mostly simplified in their design so that the focus is on flow and usability.

As you know, there are many useful wireframe tools, it’s common for app  designers to simply use a pen and paper. But, if you’re looking for something more technical and advanced method then consider creating your wireframes in Sketch or Adobe XD. The benefit of using wireframes tools is that you can turn your low-fidelity wireframes into high-fidelity previews easily. 

Note: With Adobe XD, you can use  some free kits to help get you started easily with mobile app design. 

Mockups and prototypes

Now it’s Time to turn your wireframes into working app products 

Once you’ve completed your work with your wireframes then share them with the development team and/or your client for discussion and approval, it’s time to make some mockups and prototypes.

This step is remains easier if you’ve used the same design tool to create both, first your wireframes and second your mobile app design. If you haven’t, it can take you a little longer to populate your design tool, but once you do, you’re well on your way. Many tools, including UXPin (which inbuild with Sketch), include ways to annotate your wireframes with the detailed information. 

While you’re working on the app’s design, it is a good time to start building a shared library of assets. For example, standard buttons, icons, concepts and other elements that you create here can be useful in other apps you design, so please save them.

Handing over to development

This step is very important and critical for mobile app designers. Designers are also responsible for delivering all app items like icons of app,  backgrounds, logos, text fonts and visual assets to the developer. Things like icons, backgrounds, logos, and even fonts, are most difficult to deliver according to app developer. 

Once the developer has everything related to app designing, it’s their job to complete this app according to the design – and give all functionality to each and every single icon of app– and make it work smoothly. Sometimes, however, a mobile app designer doesn’t understand the limitations a developer faces. And when it happens, it will create difficulties for the developer to creat that effectively. 

As a mobile app designer, you can ignore the developer and the development process as well, but it’s better to know the challenges a developer faces, whether they be with the tools of app development, they’re using or the limitations of the operating system platform and/or devices on which your apps will run. With this knowledge, you can design mobile apps more correctly, so handling over to development is essential for app designer otherwise you app will take too much time to complete with its all functionality. 

Mobile app marketing

We provide mobile app marketing services and app instillation services through which you can target your audience easily and get effective leads for your business development. 

Why mobile app is important for business development ? 

Mobile app is very important for today’s business development. It is essential to grow your business fast. Their are some points to explain the importance of mobile app development, which are given below :- 

1. Large number of users 

2. Easy access of services 

3. Easy promotion of business 

4. App marketing is easy 

5. Always connected with your audience 

6. Easy launch of. New product and services

1. Large number of users :- As everyone knows, their is a huge audience of mobile users. Now a days, every one is using mobile. Through mobile app you can get a large number of users. 

2. Easy access of services :- through mobile app, your audience can get a easy access of services and products. Whenever a user will open your app, he can see your products and services on his mobile display screen. 

3. Easy promotion of business :- through mobile app, you can promote your business easily. You can send notification for your product or services. You can provide attractive offers to your app users. It can improve your revenue by selling more products. 

4. App marketing is easy :- app marketing is easy in comparison to website marketing. Through Search engines marketing ads you can prepare an ad to install your app direct. Through social media you can promote your app.  Through social media campaign, you can also prepare an ad to install apps. 

5. Always connected with your audience :- through your company app, you can also connect with your audience always. You can provide offers through your app to your users at anytime. 

6. Easy launch of. New product and services :- through your app, you can launch any new product easily. You can send notification to your users about the new product or services. 

ssoftservices is the best mobile app design company in India, we can provide all kinds of app designing services to you at very low cost.

Mobile app marketing :- mobile app marketing is necessary for your business app. Mobile app marketing is starts before the app creation. Because your app name should be based on this app marketing. Otherwise if you select a wrong name of your app then it will be very difficult to gain organic instillation of app through Google Play Store. Their are some steps that you needed to execute for app marketing through digital Marketing. 

1. Keyword research  

2. Meta title and description 

3. Search engine marketing ( SEM )

4. Social media 

5. Social media marketing ( SMM )

6. Blog commenting 

7. Discount coupons

8. Bulk sms

9. Email marketing 

1. Keyword research  :- keyword research is important for app name, meta title and description of app. Through this keyword research, your app can come at the top results for any perticular keyword on Google Play Store.

2. Meta title and description :- meta description and title is important for app marketing, through this user can know and search about your app in Google Play Store. 

3. Search engine marketing ( SEM ) :- Search engine marketing is used to prepare ads for app installation . 

4. Social media :- you can promote your app through social media. Here you can find out a huge audience to install your app. Post your app installation link whenever you post anything about your business on social media.

5. Social media marketing ( SMM ) :- social media marketing is used to promote your app, you can prepare ads to install your app on social media as well through social media marketing.

6. Blog commenting :- you can drop your app link on different blog commenting website that are related with your product or services.

7. Discount coupons :- through discount coupon, you can provide different offers to install your app on your website or other promotional website.

8. Bulk sms :- through bulk sms service you can promote your app easily to install your app. 

9. Email marketing :- through email marketing you can promote your app to install your app. 

ssoftservices is the best mobile app design company in India, we can provide all kinds of app designing services to you at very low cost.

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