Best SEO Company in India

Best SEO Company in India

SEO means search engine optimization. SEO is a method to optimize your website. It is used to hike our website in search engines like google. It is based on keywords. Any website can come in the first page of google for a particular keyword. This work can be done by using SEO.

best seo company

When you are searching for anything, which is the first place, that is the internet.  The best search engine is Google, if you are doing a search on google then surely you are making the right choice. 90% of the consumers use Google these days to make their decisions. In today’s competitive market, the business who is lacking organic search visibility in google will surely get a low business opportunity. Ssoft services is the best SEO Agency in India. So you are now at the right place to grow your business fast.

Best SEO Company in India

Ssoft services – Best SEO company India, provides the best SEO services in India will help you in every step of making decision for your business. They were reliable SEO Company in India. 

Why Choose US as Best SEO COMPANY in India?

• We are providing you high rank keyword list with a low competitive rate.  It will increase the chance of getting high traffic from google and other search engine as well.

• We are getting good results from years since we deliver efficiently – low price with high output.

• 30+ glad customers across India are working with us. We are providing a high success rate.

• Our Company is getting appreciating feedback from last so many years and have many satisfied clients all over the world.

• We are here to provide you all necessary reports time to time. So that you can identify the result and work is going in the right direction.

• We are using different SEO techniques that nobody can easily implement since we have a huge number of SEO experts. We are working in a team where our expert providing you help in each part of your business.

• Our goal is to deliver our best for your business growth. We will work for you at 24*7 hours.

We are here as a top BEST SEO company in India provide you best SEO servicess that are given below:

Keyword research : The very first step is to identify the keywords list that is relevant to your business. In keyword research first step is to find out all keyword that has a high search rate with low competition level. Before preparing all the final keywords report, the ssoft services  in India tries to understand your brand and your business. They take some time to understand that what you do, why it is important for you to do it and what value does it give you.

Target audience :our main purpose is attracting quality traffic to your business website. After evaluating the on-site conversion goals, target audience, and industry. We are able to find out best audience for your business. It will increase your efficiency. By using this step we find out which type of audience like location, interest, age, and much more… is suitable for your business.

Implementation: The third step is implementation of Search engine optimization where ssoftservices Best SEO Services Company in India assists in building the site structure as well as the content of the website. So it will increase the visibility of your website. After target audience with the site content, structure next step to do SEO activities.

1. On page seo activities

2. Off page seo activities

 On page SEO activities

Page Optimization : In this step first find out which keyword is best for which page. In this step we are preparing Landing pages. Landing pages are the page if designed correctly can give conversions. It will give you high success rate for your keyword. Home size is also decreased under this section.

Keyword putting: keyword putting is the very first step in on page SEO activities. Under this section the keyword list is putting in the content section and main keyword is written down under main heading, first paragraph and in another section of pages as well as in hidden code section also.

content Optimization : third and very useful section is content optimization. Now a days content optimization is the main thing for SEO perspective. Under this section following three things comes:

a- content writing b- image optimization c- video optimization d- removing load of unnecessary things of websites

meta tags putting : now a days Meta Tags, Meta Title, Description and Heading tags are used by search engines to understand what is the meaning of web pages. It is used to determine the page is relevant for a particular search query or not. It will also gives boost in the sites ranking as well.

website size reduction : removing load of unnecessary things of websites comes under this section by using the following methods :

minification of css   b – minification of js c – image compression 

site map creation: under this section many useful files like. ror file, html sitemap, txt sitemap, rss, video sitemap created. By using this step any search engine can gets all necessary information about your website.

Internal and external linking : now a days linking is very necessary for any website. Under this section link can be created with a keyword. These links can be linked to another page of your website (internal link) or with another website as well(external link).

Responsive design : now a days responsive design is very necessary for any website. It comes in development phase. Now a days mobile user is highly increased so the website should be responsive and user friendly as well.

URL optimization : It includes search engine friendly URLs for each of your pages. IT is highly recommended, as these bring better crawling. Shorter URLs is also perform better in search engine results. URL should be a main keyword that relates with the main heading tag with h1 formate.

adword tools:  now a days Edward is very useful and necessary for your website to determine the website keyword and to determine all important aspect of your website.

webmaster tool: google webmasters provide the overall data like keywords Research, your website keyword list with their position and hits, broken links, Problems accessing the site, crawling errors, unnatural link and much more..

google analytic tool : Google analytics tool helps in analyzing every output detail of the site’s visitors. It helps to determine the inner structure of your website, by knowing you what visitors do when they come to your site, their staying time- period, and what pages they visit, Type of visitors, and on which page they spend most time. By using this you can find out what other things are necessary for your website and what is going well with your website.

website analysis test : We provide complete Website Analysis to check the pages output or to check website is good or not in terms of google search result. We Analyze the pages are visible to Audience or not. Or the website is User and Search Engine Friendly or not. If there is any Issue we fix them. In starting all test gives negative response but after onpage seo all gives a positive sign. Anyone can check them with other online analysis tools on internet at any time.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Ssoft services provides you all types of off page seo services. Our expert will make all the reports in excel sheet. After each month ssoft services provides all off page and on page activities output work report to all the client. So that every our client will make sure that the work is going on in right direction for their company. Here are some off page activities list which we are providing to our client.

Search engine submission: There is a huge number of search engine on internet like google and bing. In this section our work is to submit your website in all search engine list all over the world. So that your website can open in every country  with a specific search engine list

Directory submission: There is a huge number of directories on internet like 1abc and w3catalog. In this section our work is to submit your website in all best directory list all over the world. So that your website can create a link in that directory. It will help to open your website in all over the world and also increases the popularity of your website in all over the world.

Social Bookmarking : under this section Basically, links were tagged with relevant keywords and listed on different social bookmarking sites, where any users can search for the links based on the keywords or tags then your website can appear as a result.This actually helped a lot of websites to build relevant keyword,  relevant links, increase traffic, increase visibility and even grow your business. It might help you to get a good Domain authority & Page authority for your website.

Social Media: social media is a very big platform for off page SEO activity. On social media you can share your website information very easily. Our work is to create, maintain your company profile. With regular posting and sharing you can build your targeted audience that is very effective for your business growth. Here are some social media sites on which we are working for our clients.

Classified Ads : Under this section our work is to post an ads on free ad posting websites. Classified ad is one of the most outdated  Off-page SEO techniques. These kind of activities were working in the old days of SEO but now all these activities places are spammed every day. So we are doing this activity in a well mannered way.  The right way is to work with different content in each post. Classified Ads is good in free promotion and in backlink generation as well.

Local or Business Listings : Local or Business listings work as an online portfolio for your businesses. They are holding  information about your business, such as type, name, address, contact number, working hour, website details, services & much more. This will help you to make your business searchable & presence of your website at local level. By using this technique you can promote your business locally very well. It will help you in Many kind of business like jim and other local business. It will help you to generate leads as well for your local business.

Link Exchanging : Link exchanging refers to sharing links between different websites  means you have link of other website and this other website holding your website link on their webpage. If you are holding  a link from trustworthy site, then it will help you to make some Domain Authority & Page Authority. But, if you’re holding a spammy website then it can be harmful. So it should be very necessary to check the other website status first in link exchange.

Backlink creation or link building : you can use free backlink generator website under this section. We are doing this in a very professional manner. You can create a backlink for your website by using any other method as well. It will very helpful to get promotion for your website.

 profile creation :  You can create your company profile on different free profile creation website. It will also very helpful to get promotion for your website.

Cross-Linking : cross linking is same like link exchange. But under this other website can be your or your friend website. Crosslinking refers to linking two or more than two websites from the same level either owned by the same person or by different friends working towards for mutual benefit.

Blogging  : Blogging is really very GOD in off-page SEO activities. People are using blogging to growing business and It’s truly the king of all Off-page SEO activities. By blogging, you can grow as an individual business as well. You able to increase your website traffic & sales, increase brand awareness, grow user database, give a reason for users to come back, expain your services in well mannered form. You can use free blogging websites and you can also create a blog section in your website as well. Both are good. Your website blog is useful to generate traffic on your website while other free blogging site blog can generate high traffic for your website link.

Article submission : We write quality articles for your business that are relevant with the keywords, and then we added them to popular different article submission sites. Every article should be unique that is the main thing on which we work.

Guest Posting : Guest posting , you can also say this as guest blogging. Through this you will contribute an article or a written content to other blogging site to build links, authority and brand awareness for your business. Guest postings are very helpful in off-page SEO techniques. It is a best inbound marketing strategy & but it can be effective by content marketing strategy since content marketing exists & plays a big role in Digital marketing Today. It will help you to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

Question & Answers : Question and answering portal website is used to help users to ask questions & get answers. Users can use these platforms to clear their question queries, their doubts, problems & also get a good or perfect advice from experienced people.So, By increasing your presence on these platform will help you to present yourself as an expert & help you to grow your business as an advisor. You can provide answer with your website link as well so that people reaches on your website.

Forums & Blogs Commenting : Blog commenting is like a sharing of your opinion, experience, problem on a blog post or article. If you share your advice or  view on the article or blog  then you will be able to attract some attention & turn that attention into visitors for your website. You will also be able to gain some followers. You can also drop your website link as an comment.

Podcasts &Webinars : The term “Podcast” is very similar with radio. It’s typically a radio on the Internet where the host records his audio clip on a particular topic that explain business for a guest speaker and uploads it to platforms that stream podcasts.So, if you focus on this platform you can connect faster with your audience & even grow your business very quickly.Webinar is other formats for your business growing strategy. It is also very helpful in same manner as podcasts.

Image submission :Visual marketing like image submission, is the process of marketing using an image or collection of images. This is a more powerful & more attractive form of marketing & it’s also most effective marketing strategy followed by marketers now a days. Here is a huge number of website where you can submit your image that is related with your business.

Video sharing : now a day’s marketing through video submission, is very good and mostly used. This is a more powerful & more attractive form of marketing & it’s also most effective marketing strategy followed by marketers nowadays. Here is a huge number of websites where you can submit your video that is related to your business idea. So it is important to start focusing on creating interactive, easy, quick & shareable video content. Our work is to create a number of attractive video for your business also to promote them quickly.

Press Release : press release is very helpful to promote your business locally. You can post your business news on different press release websites.

Pinging : Pinging is used to ping your editing on any webpage to the search engines. There are a huge number of websites that is used to ping. Whenever you do or add anything newer on your website than just ping this webpage to any one of them pinging website. Just one website is enough to ping all search engines at once.

Document sharing: Document sharing is a technique by which you can share a document file like pdf, ms word file etc. it is a very good technique for business promotion. Such platforms host a lot of viral, personal, attractive & authentic content. This content is then highly used by social networks. Just sign up to a content publishing platform & build a content that is authentic,attractive, genuine. This will help you to set a new audience and because these platforms are influenced by many social networks, you will be able to grow followers & also increase chance of traffic generation to your website.

Bulk sms : Bulk SMS or phone marketing is the best way to promote your business widely and also very helpful at local level. Now a days you can easily collect anumber of phone list of targeted users. By using this technique you can easily Target a location based user. Our work is to generate a list of phone number that are suitable for your business after this our work is to promote your business through phone marketing service like bulk SMS and what’s app messages. We are here for you to collect contact data that are relevant with your business and to send messages with suitable content as well.

Email marketing : Email marketing is the best way to promote your business widely and also very helpful at local level. Now a days you can easily collect a number of email list of targeted users. By using this technique you can easily Target a location based user or a specific service based user. Our work is to generate a list of email id that are suitable for your business promotion after this our work is to promote your business through email service. We are here for you to collect email data that are relevant with your business and to mail them with suitable content as well.

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