Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Tutorial

Digital Marketing Tutorial: A Step-by-Step Guide To Learn Advanced Digital Marketing concepts like Lead generation, bidding management, Google Ad, keyword research, social media marketing, product branding, how to improve return on investment, conversion tracking, digital marketing tools, etc.

  1. Google Keyword research
  2. Target audience
  3. On page Seo

a) Page Optimization,

b) Responsive design,

c) Keyword putting,

d) content Optimization,

e) meta tags putting,

f) website size reduction,

g) site map creation,

h) Internal and external linking,

i) URL optimization,

j) SEO tools,

k) Website analysis test.

4. Off page seo

a) Search engine submission,

b) Directory submission,

c) Social Bookmarking,

d) Social Media,

e) Classified Ads,

f) Business Listings,

g) Link Exchanging,

h) Backlink creation,

i) profile creation,

j) Cross-Linking,

k) Blogging,

l) article submission,

m) Guest Posting,

n) Question & Answers,

o) Blogs Commenting,

p) Podcasts &Webinars,

q) Image submission,

r) video sharing,

s) Press Release,

t) Pinging,

u) Document sharing.

5. Smo(social media optimization)

6. Smm( social media marketing)

7. Brand awareness and video viral

8. Lead generation campaigns

9. sem( search engine marketing)

10.Google ad campaign

What is Google ads(Google AdWords),

Who is better between SEO or SEM,

Difference between SEO and SEM,

Google ads management,

google ads management services,

google ads management tool,

Keyword research for Google ads,

negative keyword in google ads,

How to manage bids,

google ads bidding methods,

types of bidding in google ads,

How to find out which type of campaign is best for your Goal?,

Campaign types of Google ads,

Goal set up in Google ads,

How to determine Quality score of landing page,

Difference between bounce rate and exit rate,

Price deduction in Google ads,

Formula to calculate Google ads rank,

Ad rotation in google ads,

Campaign URL option,

conversion tracking in google ads,

Audience targeting in google ads,

device targeting in google ads,

mobile user targeting,

Target specific apps for your ads, types of audience targeting, Google ads extensions, types of extensions in google ads,

11.Amazon marketing or Product selling

12. How to improve ROI(revenue)

13. Email and phone marketing

Digital Marketing Tutorial: A Step-by-Step Guide To Learn Advanced Digital.