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Job Description:

Requirements: Job for marketing executive

Your duties of our projects.
What is marketing ? Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Marketing involve or affect the relationship between an organization and its customer .
Your duties for us under this phase:
A . searching the customer who wants to develop their website or other 3 type of projects on which company works(this is your main work).
B . now if you get any project ,then second work is to identify the customer requirements .under this phase you collect the information from the customer for the particular project.
2.Deliver the project to our company.
Send the customer requirements details to the company mail id( Now your work is finished. Now we will complete the project.
After the completion of project. you will collect the money from customer and send 75 % money to company accounts and almost 25 % is yours.
Its free to join us. Just keep in touch by mail or phone.
anyone who wants to make money can join us .
There is no qualification required
There is no boss
You can do work whenever you like
Very High earning potential
You can do this job along with your regular job.
home based by online marketing.

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