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What is a website?

The web site is a collection of web pages that are stored on the server (which are computers that host your websites).  These servers are connected to each other with a huge network called the internet… or the World Wide Web.

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Then very first step in website making concept is to design a logo of your website. After this html language, CSS and java script are used to make a beautiful website. All the content can be fixed on the web Page with the help of it. The content can be a single image, video, frames, banners, logo, web written content, etc. For this you needed a website maker contact number.

I needed a website and a website maker contact number

If you needed a website then first you have to identify which type of website is required for your business.

Website can be of two types :- 

Static website: – these websites can’t be changed at runtime. The content of this kind of website remains fixed or static. Example- simple web page that is having some images, content, that is fixed. Website designing is enough to create this of website. 

Dynamic website: – dynamic website are those websites that content can be changed at runtime from admin panel. You can change any specific content in this kind of website at runtime. Website designing and website development, both are needed to complete this kind of website. If any website performing any action with any button click then it is a dynamic website. For example – all types of e-commerce website are dynamic website. Dynamic website works through database management system. A database connection file is compulsory in dynamic website creation.

I needed a website maker

To develop your website, you needed two people mainly.

  1. Web site designer
  2. Web site developer

First work is related with website designer:-

Logo design

A logo is the main identify of your business website. Every website has their own unique logo. So we prepare a unique logo for your website in very smart and good looking manner. The logo works as a first impression for your website so it should be very beautiful. You can contact us online for logo design. Our logo designer is also available online.

Image design

The next step is to prepare website images. This step is also very important in website design perspective. The color concept is very essential for this. It means the color of images and the color of the logo should be matched.

Video creation

Sometimes images are not enough to explain the things deeply. So we used video. We create unique and attractive video about your business. So that you can connect with your audience easily.

Now a day video concept is really working.

web banner design

Web banner design is very effective in place of website video. Actually banner is a combination of many images and its work like a video. It’s also very attractive for the website users.

website layout design

The next step is to prepare the website layout design. Under this section area is to be decided for every content of the website. This is very important phase of design a website.

Responsive design

Last step is to make this design in a responsive manner. It is very essential nowadays. By responsive design your website will run properly on all mobile and tab devices easily.

Second work is related with website developer:-

Web site developer Provide all important functionality to the website content that is required. Web developers are responsible to fulfill both person’s needs – client’s needs and customer or end user needs. Web developers also revolves, identifying and fixing bugs in order to optimize and improve a website or Web application. Web developers are responsible to keep things running smoothly.

I needed a website maker contact number

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